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Revolutionize Home Cooking

Cooking at home is a form of self-care for many, ensuring food quality and providing family bonding. However, the serenity of cooking can be diminished by noise, fumes, and odors, making it an exhausting experience. Prolonged exposure to cooking smoke is known to be hazardous, leading to respiratory issues or even cancer.

FOTILE's Range Hood revolutionizes home cooking with WhisPower ventilation, creating a tranquil, clean, smoke-free kitchen. It's the best choice for heavy-cooking homes, ensuring cleanliness and freshness for over a decade.

99.99% Smoke Capture

The patented slant design and Capture Shield Technology effectively prevent cooking smoke from spreading elsewhere in your kitchen.

98% Odor Reduction

Made possible by industry-first Dual DC motors, delivering powerful ventilation while maintaining minimal noise levels at just 37dB.

Easy to Operate and Clean

Simply wave your hand to activate the range hood. Cleaning is a breeze with the smooth surface and the spacious oil tray that can handle plenty of residue without fuss.

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Best Range Hood for Heavy Cooking Homes

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Customer Voices

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-- AkVi

My new home didn’t have a duct/ventilation system. I had a microwave oven above my stove. My home smelled of curry 🍛 all the time. The grease on the cabinets were an added pain to clean up every day.

The FOTILE range hood is amazing. It works as described. The sensor works well. I keep getting compliments for the look and choice. I have been using this range for a month now and It’s must have for ASIAN COOKING.

default selfie.png__PID:646bbc8c-9cdb-4091-bf92-885648bed3ac

Modern quiet performance

-- B. Renken

Buy it, it works! And its quiet!
Works exactly as stated, easy cleaning, very quiet on low and medium, strong performance on high and stir fry mode is a nice touch, although high seems to work just fine for me. Very bright white lights, touchless on/off is a super handy feature when you have dirty cooking hands.

I also like the 2 minute cool down when done cooking. Nice touch! Very happy with this sleek, almost pro level, modern design and functional range hood.

default selfie.png__PID:646bbc8c-9cdb-4091-bf92-885648bed3ac

WOW! This is the one!

--  D. Benus

Tried 2 different hoods before this one, whenever I would cook burgers or steaks in a cast iron pan, the kitchen would fill with smoke; the alarms would go off. Horrible. So I decided to spring for the JQG7505 after reading all the reviews and watching the videos. It is ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC. It works as promised. I used the highest setting ("Stir Fry") on the hood, cooked the same burgers and steaks with the new hood, and it removed ALL OF THE SMOKE from above the front high-powered burner of our range. And the auto open and close with a swipe of a hand is very high tech and cool.

Kitchen Requirements for the Installation 

  • A. Installation options: Under-cabinet or wall-mount (without upper cabinets)
  • B. Outlet in cabinet or back wall
  • C. Length between the side cabinets: >29.9in for JQG7505/JQG7505-W;>35.9in for JQG9006/JQG9006-W
  • D. Height from the top of the cooktop to the top of the range hood is 29.5in - 32.5in
  • E. Duct size: 6in round is the best, anything smaller (can affect overall performance of the range hood) or larger will be okay, but will need a reducer


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Patented Design with Powerful Ventilation

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