E-Commerce Intern

Job Responsibilities

• Receive orders from customers through email, EDI, Vendor Dashboard, etc.
• Import the order into ERP system, operate ERP system outbound and upload the order to the warehouse for actual outbound.
• Use the logistics company's website to print the delivery order and adjust the delivery quantity according to the feedback from the warehouse.
• Follow up the shipping progress and ensure the customer receives the order.
• According to the online return of different offices to do ERP system reception.
• Regularly update the inventory quantity in the background of each platform.
• Other tasks assigned by team lead.

Job Requirements

• College or bachelor’s degree preferred.
• Good command of Chinese and English preferred.
• Be flexible and able to adapt to work schedule.
• Excellent communication and interpersonal skills and time management skills.
• Strong sense of responsibility and close-loop consciousness.
• Careful, able to communicate with customers and freight forwarders independently, experience is preferred.


Parsippany NJ

If you are interested with this opportunity, please kindly forward your Resume to Fotile America HR: with email subject: “Job Title + Your Name”.

Feel free to give a call to Fotile HR team at 732-208-0877.