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The FOTILE Moonshadow Grey Cooktop redefines kitchen aesthetics with a touch of contemporary flair. Part of FOTILE's exclusive color range, it embodies sophistication and modern technology. Its neutral shade seamlessly complements diverse kitchen styles, evoking the soulfulness of ink paintings while making a bold fashion statement.

Inspired by Chinese ink paintings, derived from hundreds of household visits, and refined through thousands of samples, our exclusive MOONSHADOW color palette epitomizes subtlety, adaptability, and elegance.

Utilizing AG glass, found in iPhone screens, its anti-glare, fingerprint-proof, frosted pearl-like texture enchants day and night due to a meticulous manufacturing process that involves 12 procedures and yields a surface with even and smooth glass crystal particles.

Natural light reflects in a misty, velvety embrace, and as night falls, the same surface transforms, diffusing artificial light to emanate a warm and soothing ambiance.As the range hood seamlessly transitions from day to night, it embodies timeless beauty in every moment.

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Moonshadow Slant Vent Range Hood

With its powerful 1100CFM airflow, this advanced range hood ensures efficient removal of smoke and odors while maintaining a remarkably low noise level, making it a perfect addition to any kitchen. This ensures a cleaner, fresher kitchen atmosphere, enhancing your time in the kitchen.

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Moonshadow Tri-Ring Cooktop

Take advantage of the key features like a high-heat Tri-Ring Burner and Sync Function capabilities with a FOTILE Range Hood or additional features such as flame failure detection and a fast ignition system to achieve your culinary aspirations.

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FOTILE's Moonshadow Collection

FOTILE's MOONSHADOW Collection Range Hood elevates the well-being of home chefs and their loved ones with revolutionary WhisPower ventilation solutions, creating a tranquil, clean, organized, and smoke-free kitchen.

Its slant design, along with the innovative Capture Shield, effectively extracts harmful smoke, complemented by dual DC motors delivering a robust 1100 CFM for efficient ventilation.

Achieving a 98% odor removal and a 95% grease separation rate, this Range Hood significantly enhances indoor air quality, all while maintaining a quiet 38dB noise level.Operation is elegant and effortless.

The unit seamlessly connects with select FOTILE cooktops and can be operated through motion activation. The MOONSHADOW Range Hood not only enhances a healthier cooking experience, but elevates it to a new level of sophistication.

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