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FOTILE's Appliance Tips gives you expert suggestions for choosing the right appliances for your kitchen renovation. From products, buying guides, installation, maintenance, style to clean, you can find out the best practice to build your dream kitchen!

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Are Range Hoods Required By Code? 

Do you own a residential or commercial property and need to know if you’re required to have a range hood? Learn how to be compliant with Fotile.

Best Dishwasher For Small Kitchen- What You Need To Know .jpeg__PID:0898ba49-d045-47f8-9d41-e1c43d0f7cc2

Best Dishwasher For Small Kitchen: What You Need To Know

Designing for a small kitchen? We’ve rounded up the best dishwashers for compact spaces.

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What is a Convertible Range Hood: Everything You Need To Know

This guide explains what a convertible range hood is, how it works, & how it compares to other types of hoods.

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How to Clean a Range Hood Filter: Simple & Effective

This complete, step-by-step guide breaks down just how easy it actually is to clean range hood filters on your own.

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Range Hood vs Microwave: Which is Better For Ventilation?

Learn whether range hoods or microwaves are better for your kitchen ventilation with this guide from Fotile.

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Range Hood vs Exhaust Fan: The Better One to Buy

Are you trying to decide on the best appliance for kitchen ventilation? Learn if range hood or exhaust fan is better from Fotile.

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How to Keep Kitchen Clean: 16 Ideas That Work

Do you always seem to have dishes in the sink and crumb-covered counters? Learn how to keep your kitchen clean from Fotile.

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How to Add a Dishwasher to a Small Kitchen: Where to Put It

If you have a small kitchen, that doesn’t mean you can’t add a dishwasher. Learn where to put it with this guide from Fotile.

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14 Must Have Kitchen Appliances

Are you looking to upgrade your kitchen in 2024? These are the top kitchen appliances you should consider to enhance your cooking.

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Sones Rating: Sone Rating For Range Hoods

This guide by FOTILE explains what sone rating is as it relates to range hoods & what affects their noise levels.

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What Are The Smallest Range Hoods Between Ducted & Ductless?

This article aims to resolve the question, “what are the smallest range hoods,” so you can find a size that will fit in your kitchen.

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Space Saving Ideas for Tiny Homes & Kitchens

Making the most of your tiny home's space is crucial for making your living space feel less cluttered & crowded.

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18 Airbnb Small Room Ideas

Providing a good cooking space for your Airbnb guests helps with future bookings, so these tips help you maximize the space.

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16 Space-Saving Ideas For Kitchens

A cluttered kitchen makes cooking less-than-ideal. This guide outlines 15 ways to maximize your kitchen space.

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How to Maximize Space in a Small Apartment: 16 Hacks

Small apartments don't have to be cramped & uncomfortable. Follow these tips for saving space in a small apartment.

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13 Tips For How To Eat More Vegetables

Eating more vegetables is a fantastic step in your health & wellness journey & these kitchen appliances will make it easier.

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How Do I Turn My Sink Into A Dishwasher?

Space too small for a dishwasher? Learn how to wash dishes more efficiently with FOTILE’s SD2F-P3 2in1 In-Sink Dishwasher.

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How Does An In-Sink Dishwasher Work?

Live in a small space but want the luxury of an efficient dishwasher? Learn more about FOTILE’s P3 2in1 In-Sink Dishwasher

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8 Kitchen Ventilation Ideas & Solutions

Get rid of toxic emissions, unpleasant smells, and stale air in your kitchen using these 5 steps from FOTILE.

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How to Clean a Range Hood

How to Clean a Range Hood: What Homeowners Need to Know

range hood

Choosing the Perfect Range Hood for Your Kitchen

Whether you’re a professional chef or an everyday cook, having the right range hood within your kitchen is key...

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Range Hood Installation 101: What Homeowners Need to Know

Even after selecting the perfect range hood, proper installation is essential to make the most out of your investment.

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How FOTILE Range Hoods Deliver a More Convenient Ventilation Experience 

For homeowners, FOTILE range hoods offer a myriad of benefits that go beyond conventional ventilation options. 

FOTILE range hood absorbing smoke from a pan cooking on a gas cooktop

How to Prevent My Smoke Detector from Going Off Every Time I Cook

Tired of the smoke alarm going off when you cook? Try these solutions to prevent smoke alarms from going off while cooking in the kitchen.

Triple ring burner with pots cooking

Triple Ring Burner vs. Double Ring Burner: Choosing Your Cooktop

When choosing a cooktop, buyers may decide between a triple ring and double ring burner. FOTILE explains the difference between them.

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7 Benefits of Range Hoods

Range hoods can create healthier, more well-lit cooking areas and complement smaller kitchens. Learn all the benefits of range hoods.

Closeup of flame from a FOTILE gas cooktop

What is the Best BTU for a Gas Cooktop?

BTUs on a gas cooktop are a good way to quantify cooking power. FOTILE explains how to choose the right amount of BTUs for your next gas cooktop.

Small modern kitchen with FOTILE appliances

Compact Appliance Ideas for Tiny Homes & Small Kitchens

Best small kitchen appliances for your needs. Range hoods, in-sink dishwashers, cooktops made especially for your tiny home or small kitchen. 

FOTILE ChefCubii combi-steam oven cooking food

What is a Combi-Steam Oven?

A combi-steam (or steam-combi) oven functions as a steam oven, a convection oven, an air-fryer, and a dehydrator to make cooking convenient, quick, and fun.

FOTILE Range Hood Above a Stove in a Modern Kitchen

What Should I Look for When Buying a Range Hood?

Are you shopping for a range hood for your kitchen? Keep in mind the following factors when buying your range hood.

FOTILE ChefCubii combi-steam oven open cooking bread

How Do You Use A FOTILE Steam-Combi Oven?

Are you considering purchasing a ChefCubii Series steam-combi oven from FOTILE? Learn about how to get the most from your ChefCubii in this article.

Man Cooking Food Below a FOTILE Range Hood

How Many CFM Should a Range Hood Have?

When choosing a range hood, it’s crucial to get a model with the right amount of suction for your kitchen. Learn how many CFMs your range hood should have.

Man Cooking Food Below a FOTILE Range Hood

How Does A Range Hood Work?

Want to learn how a range hood works? FOTILE has compiled everything you want to know about range hoods so that you’ll make the most informed decision when buying a range hood.

Man Cooking Food Below a FOTILE Range Hood

Ducted vs. Ductless Range Hoods: What's the Difference?

Are you shopping for a new range hood for your kitchen? Learn more about the differences between Ducted and Ductless Range Hoods.

Man Cooking Food Below a FOTILE Range Hood

Do I Need a Range Hood for My Kitchen?

Do you need a range hood? The answer is often yes. Though there are different styles of range hoods and reasons why you may need one in your kitchen. 

Black FOTILE range hood absorbing steam from a pot on a cooktop in a modern kitchen.

Frequently Asked Questions About Range Hoods

FOTILE answers the most common questions people have about kitchen range hoods in this comprehensive FAQs article. 

FOTILE Tri-Ring Burner Cooktop with center burner ignited.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cooktops

If you're considering buying a cooktop for your kitchen, this guide from FOTILE answers the most common questions you may have.

Pixie Air Under-Cabinet Range Hood

Pros and Cons of Under-Cabinet Range Hoods

If you're considering buying an under-cabinet range hood for your kitchen, this guide from FOTILE outlines the pros and cons of this type of hood.

Pixie Air Under-Cabinet Range Hood

Range Hood Size Guide for the Best Performance

Are you unsure about what size range hood to get? To find the best fitting range hood for your kitchen, read FOTILE's range hood size guide here!

Person in gloves cleaning grease off of kitchen cabinets.

10 Proven Ways to Prevent Grease Buildup in Your Kitchen

Grease buildup in your kitchen can be a cleaning nightmare. Learn how to manage grease with these preventative measures.

Pixie Air Under-Cabinet Range Hood

Range Hood Maintenance Tips

A well-maintained range hood is likely to operate more efficiently and last longer. Here are tips for keeping your range hood in top shape.

Pixie Air Under-Cabinet Range Hood

Frequently Asked Questions About Built-In Ovens

If you have questions about built-in steam ovens or convection ovens, FOTILE has answers. Browse these FAQs to learn more.