Compact Appliances For Small Kitchens & Tiny Homes

Last Updated: 2/17/2023

Author: James Zhao, Sr. Tech Specialist & Alex Park, Product Specialist

Having a tiny kitchen doesn’t necessarily portend a poor cooking experience. Compact built-in and countertop appliances save space and increase your cooking capacity and ability to prepare an array of dishes and cuisines. The key is to choose multifunction appliance models capable of various cooking styles, such as combi-steam ovens and cooktops

Though smaller is usually synonymous with less powerful, that’s no longer the case in 2023 and beyond. Today’s compact appliances are small-but-mighty with clever features designed to make them easy to use, powerful, and energy efficient.

In this article, we'll introduce you to seven types of compact appliances for small kitchens, as well as offer a few recommendations for FOTILE kitchen products that suit tiny home kitchens.

1. Compact Versions of Major Kitchen Appliances for Any Apartment Size 

Looking for apartment kitchen ideas? With the right design features and compact appliances, a tiny apartment kitchenette can feel just as luxurious as a spacious, dine-in kitchen. Even if your living space has a larger kitchen, saving space with the right compact appliances for small kitchens can significantly enhance your cooking experience.

In-Sink Dishwashers

In-sink dishwashers are time-savers that prevent lost cabinet space. In-sink dishwashers offer an alternative to under the counter versions that reduce storage space.

Apartment-Size Cooktops & Countertop Ovens

Not enough space for a traditional oven? Condensed tri-ring cooktops offer precision heat control and plenty of room to cook multiple dishes. Countertop steam-combi ovens are also ideal cooking appliances for apartments, offering precision cooking features to make everything from delicate fish dishes to hearty casseroles and moist pastries.   

Modern small kitchen with FOTILE appliances

2. Range Hoods for Small Kitchens

Petite-yet-powerful range hoods prevent grease and fumes from building up in a tiny home's kitchen or cooking space. When looking for kitchen range hoods suitable for small homes or apartments, several characteristics should be top-of-mind, such as the range hood's mounting style, noise level, CFM capability, and ventilation type.

Under-cabinet mounted range hoods in particular are suitable for most small kitchens because these range hoods have a low profile that fits easily under existing cabinetry.

FOTILE Pixie Air Series under-cabinet range hood

3. Cooktops for Compact Kitchens

Cooktops don’t need a half-dozen burners to work well. Fewer burners use less energy and use it more efficiently. Many smaller stove tops also have precision heat control for even, steady heat throughout the cooking process. 

Cooktop burners with precision-variable heating capacity allow you to set and sustain the perfect amount of heat to achieve a broad range of cooking styles. High BTUs are ideal for quickly frying and boiling water, while lower temperatures are better for sauteing and steaming. 

Man cooking on a cooktop griddle

4. In-Sink Dishwashers

As mentioned above, in-sink dishwashers are an excellent choice for apartment-dwellers as well as occupants of tiny homes who want the convenience of a dishwasher without sacrificing cabinet space. Sink dishwashers feature a double-sink configuration with a conventional sink on one side and an energy-efficient dishwasher on the other. 

The conventional side of the sink can be used for rinsing dishes and filling pitchers. The other side features a lid that seals tightly over a dishwasher that you can load easily without bending or twisting. Sink dishwashers are ideal for one or two people living in a small space. 

FOTILE in-sink dishwasher

5. Built-In Convection Ovens

Though convection ovens can be as large as conventional ovens, they’re typically smaller, more energy efficient, and cook food more evenly. Unlike conventional ovens, built-in convection ovens feature heating elements and fans that distribute heat throughout the oven cavity. This prevents concentrated heat from scorching the top or bottom of your dish.

Hot air convection in a built-in oven also allows precise heat control for proofing and baking delicate breads and pastries. Yet, these ovens can also handle heartier fare, like roasting whole chickens or baking moist and fluffy potatoes. 

FOTILE built-in convection oven

6. Built-In Cooktops With Multiple Burners

Many small spaces feature small, low-capacity cooktops. However, built-in cooktops with more burners and a higher BTU capacity  can allow you to cook more food at the same time, have enough space for a stovetop griddle, and better accommodate complex cooking styles.

FOTILE tri-ring gas cooktop

7. Multifunction Countertop Ovens

If you simply don’t have the space or ability to install a built-in oven, a multifunction countertop option may be just what you need. Combi-steam ovens are becoming increasingly popular for their convenience and incredible versatility. 

Most combi-steam ovens range from 14 to 19 inches wide and can be used right out of the box—no installation necessary. These small convection ovens feature a water reservoir that generates heated steam in addition to dry, fan-distributed heat. The combination of heating types produces everything from beautifully flaky fish and moist soufflés to tender lasagnas and tender steamed veggies. 

FOTILE ChefCubii combi-steam oven

Build Your Kitchenette System with FOTILE

FOTILE offers a full range of compact appliances for small kitchens, tiny homes, law suites, and more. Intuitive design features allow you to have precise control over things like heat, steam, airflow, and water usage in your kitchen—providing all the power and versatility of standard-sized appliances without sacrificing counter or cabinet space.

Suggested FOTILE Range Hoods for Small Spaces

FOTILE’s Pixie Air under-cabinet range hoods are just 30 inches wide and feature a stainless steel finish that complements most decor styles.

As our quietest range hoods, the Pixie Air's design utilizes a built-in air management system to detect and remove harmful gasses efficiently to keep your kitchen as grime- and smoke-free as possible. A recirculation kit is also available for kitchens without a ventilation duct. In fact, our Pixie Air series can scrub and recirculate clean air back into your home at a rate of 800 cubic feet per minute (CFM). Certain models are also motion-activated with a simple wave of the hand so you can focus on cooking while your Pixie Air does the rest.

If you're looking for a compact wall-mounted range hood, check out our 24" recirculation range hood (EMS6008-CR), featuring 850 CFM.

Recommended FOTILE Cooktops for Compact Kitchens

FOTILE’s EPS series gas cooktops range from 30 to 34 inches and have two to three burners. The burners vary in size and offer precise heat settings to accommodate various heating needs for small kitchens. Even smaller, we have 12" single-burner induction and electric cooktops

Available FOTILE In-Sink Dishwashers

FOTILE’s SD2F in-sink dishwashers have touchscreen controls on the top, a rack that can hold full-sized plates and bowls, and a powerful 360° cleaning system. They rinse dishes at 158° F to break up grease, eliminate bacteria, and leave your dishes spotless.

Suggested FOTILE Ovens for Compact Kitchens

FOTILE’s 24-inch built-in convection oven series offers all the versatility of a larger oven without disadvantages like wasted space and heat build-up.

Recommended FOTILE Cooktop for Tiny Kitchens

FOTILE’s tri-ring gas cooktop ignites quickly, features robust safety functions, and a rear-right simmer burner for heating delicate glazes and sauces. Whether you habitually cook for one or a crowd, this cooktop has what you need to make everything from an egg to a feast.

Suggested FOTILE Countertop Oven for Small Spaces

Our ChefCubii Series 4-in-1 combi-steam oven also has an air-fry function perfect for making homemade chicken tenders and dehydrated snacks. Additionally, precision temperature control for both the heating and steam elements makes cooking easier than it’s ever been. 

With several versions of each appliance to choose from, you can custom-design your kitchenette to meet your family’s needs. Whether you cook every day or just a few times a month, FOTILE has compact appliances for small kitchens and tiny homes to make cooking a pleasant, safe, and memorable experience.