Triple Ring Burner vs. Double Ring Burner

Author: James Zhao, Sr. Tech Specialist & Alex Park, Product Specialist

If you are planning to remodel your kitchen and have spent hours scouring the internet for tips, tricks, and advice, one thing will eventually become clear—it’s not only how nice your new kitchen looks (though this is important), but how functional the kitchen tech and appliances are. 

The devil is in the details, especially when choosing the type of cooktop to install in your kitchen. To select the best cooktop for your kitchen’s needs, it’s essential to explore the differences between double ring burners and triple ring burners. 

There are differences in power output, temperature control, and heat consistency between double ring and triple ring burners that readers will want to know about to get the most out of their purchase. In this article, FOTILE explains the differences between these two types of burners so you can decide which cooktop is right for your kitchen. 

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What is a Double Ring Burner?

Imagine a standard gas oven top. When you turn it on, you hear the spark igniter click, and after a few moments, a ring of blue flames appears. It’s a pretty straightforward concept that many readers are familiar with.

Basic gas oven ranges usually have one ring of flame per burner. This can be adequate for some cooking tasks. However, a single ring burner can have limitations: 1) A single-ring burner won’t heat the pan evenly, making cooking inconsistent.2) With a single ring of flames, the cook is limited to a single temperature range. 3) A single ring of flames has limited points of contact with the pan, which wastes energy.

Double ring burners add an extra dimension to the cooktop and resolve many of the limitations caused by using a single-ring burner. The concentric rings of flame on a double ring burner ensure that your pan will be evenly and efficiently heated to your cooking specifications. The flames themselves have controlled dimensions designed to maximize contact with the pan and minimize wasted energy. The double ring burners FOTILE sells have sleek and modern designs and various finishes that blend seamlessly into any kitchen.

FOTILE GAG76202 Double Ring Burner Gas Cooktop

What is a Triple Ring Burner?

Triple ring burners improve upon the efficiency and functionality of double ring burners by adding an additional concentric flame into the mix. Despite their compact and sleek design, triple ring burners can heat any size pot or pan with maximum efficiency due to the flame's dimensions and the flame nozzles' positioning. 

An additional benefit of the compact design is that triple ring burners can be fitted into any hob, free-standing cooker, or cooking top range.

FOTILE GLS30501 Triple Ring Burner Gas Cooktop

Advantages of a Triple Ring Burner

Triple ring burners allow for a more nuanced and rewarding cooking experience. With a wide range between 2,500 BTU - 21,000 BTUs, triple ring burners have the power to boil water rapidly or delicately melt butter just below its smoking point. With a triple-ring burner, anyone can create incredible dishes that are impossible with single-ring burners.

If you want superior control, maximum efficiency, and a wide temperature range to cook with, triple ring burners are the perfect choice for your kitchen upgrade, remodeling, or custom home build.

FOTILE GLS30501 Gas Cooktop with Pots of Food Cooking

Why Professional Chefs Prefer Multi-Ring Burners

Chefs unanimously agree that the level of control, heat potential, and pan coverage that multi-ring burners provide gives them the edge over electric stoves and single ring burners. If you want to capture a professional cooking experience in your home, you’ll want to consider a double-ring or triple-ring burner for your kitchen cooktop or gas stove.

FOTILE offers a vast range of double and triple-ring burners that are perfect for the amateur chef as well as any chef-of-necessity (we see you, moms and dads). Check out our wide array of kitchen tech and appliances to bring sleek, modern, and—most importantly—functional designs into your kitchen!