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Our Mission, Vision, & Values

Mission:  For the happiness of hundreds of millions of families

We deliver unmatched products and services, fostering a wholesome, eco-conscious, and refined lifestyle. Our FOTILE families come together in kitchens designed to promote sharing delicious food and cultural wisdom.

Vision: To be a great company 

A great company transcends its role as a mere economic entity, extending beyond the fulfillment of customer needs. It evolves into a dynamic social force, ardently embracing its responsibility to uplift society.

Core Values: Integration of individual morality, corporate ethics, and product quality.

As a company pursuing greatness, FOTILE must fulfill duties and cultivate team character. Only by cultivating wisdom and talent can we then embody responsive leadership, encourage team engagement, and provide customers with high-quality products and services.

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Recognizing that the health of our people is integral to our success, we are committed to fostering a work environment that prioritizes professional growth and overall well-being. We also offer comprehensive support for financial goals, empowering you to save for retirement and pursue other long-term objectives. Our workplace vision encompasses highly productive employees who are fulfilled and energized, driving the engine of innovation forward.

Health Benefits

Health Insurance, Dental and Vision Insurance, Disability Insurance (Long and Short-term), Life and AD&D Insurance, Workers’ Compensation

Time off

Paid Holidays, PTO, and Sick Leave


Retirement Plan with 401K Matching

Employee Engagement

Team Building Events, Employee Recognition, and Individual Development Opportunities

 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

FOTILE is firmly committed to corporate social responsibility (CSR) by prioritizing customer peace of mind, employee growth, societal righteousness, and sustainable business practices. We distinguish ourselves through a fusion of innovative technology and a conscientious business approach. This commitment is highlighted in Fotile’s vision of becoming an excellent enterprise centered on innovation. The company's CSR initiatives are showcased through our involvement in Charity Events.

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2022 – “THE BEST MEDICINE” Toy Handcraft Gift to CASA

Aligning with one of FOTILE's core values, specifically "One Good Deed A Day," our dedicated employees collaborated with CASA of Morris and Sussex Counties, New Jersey. Together, they crafted stuffed animals adorned with heartfelt messages for children facing challenging circumstances. The joy of bringing a smile to a child's face and making a positive impact in our community fills us with pride and delight.

Charitable Run 1.jpg__PID:a2600008-6b5b-40f5-a8fa-ecb91e0d557a

2023 – 5k Charitable Run Event with NJID

The FOTILE America Family united for a heartfelt and philanthropic 5K running event organized by the New Jersey Institute for Disabilities (NJID). With a commitment to serving over 1,500 infants, children, and adults across the state, NJID is devoted to delivering comprehensive programs to enhance the lives of individuals with disabilities. In a beautiful gesture of support, all registration fees from the event will be generously donated to the Lakeview School for a Better Tomorrow. This initiative aims to empower and uplift disabled students, providing them with the resources and encouragement to pursue their educational goals and dreams. FOTILE America takes immense pride and joy in contributing to an event that champions such a noble cause.

Family Championship 1.jpg__PID:6b5be0f5-e8fa-4cb9-9e0d-557af9574733

2023 – 2023 Family Championship Sponsorship

In August 2023, FOTILE America, together with representatives from the real estate and cabinet brands in the Bay Area, co-led a sponsorship for the Bay Area's first Family Tennis Championship Event organized by the Bay Area Chinese Sports Association. The FOTILE team collaborated with local dealerships and stores to actively participate in promoting the event. The activity attracted a total of 200 families and over 500 participants. Not only did it promote warm communication among local Chinese families and communities through the sport of tennis, but it also enhanced the promotion of Fotile's dynamic and innovative brand image.

Our Culture

FOTILE transcends the conventional concept of a company. Instead, it's a mission to carve our identity as a cultural phenomenon, an embodiment of unwavering commitment, innovation, and integrity. Every action we take, every decision we make, is steeped in the essence of our cultural values. It's the compass guiding our footsteps as we navigate the landscape of business, ensuring that every endeavor resonates with our core principles.

To summarize FOTILE Culture into one sentence, it’s “The key to the success of an enterprise lies in the success of life”, which is aligned with FOTILE Core Value: Integration of individual morality, corporate ethics, and product quality. The level of morality decides the cap of corporate ethics and product quality. This ethos isn't confined to learning alone; it permeates every facet of our operations, infusing our actions with a sense of purpose and direction.

“Five One Resolution” To foster the development of individual morality, we encourage employees to set up Five One Resolutions each year, setting up several development goals for themselves.

Set One Resolution: FOTILE encourages employees to set One Life Goal for personality development, One Work Goal for career development, and One Fitness Goal for healthy lifestyle cultivation. Three goals together form this one resolution to become a better person.

Read One Classic Book: FOTILE encourages employees to keep learning by reading books as reading makes one wise. Employees can select any books they want to read from Classic Cultural Books or career-related books.

Correct One Error: FOTILE believes in the principle of Not Repeating the Same Mistake, therefore encouraging employees to reflect on themselves and improve their ways of action, thinking, and interaction with others.

One Devoted Deed to Parents: FOTILE Culture involves a big part of Family Care, and we encourage employees to treat parents and families well by arranging family events, companying family members, and understanding what they want and what they need deep in their hearts.

One Good Deed a Day: FOTILE is willing to take social responsibilities, and encourages employees to treat others well with good deeds. Each year, FOTILE works with local institutes and invites employees to participate in charitable events as a way to contribute to the community.

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