How to Keep Kitchen Clean: 16 Ideas That Work

Last Updated: 2/20/2024

Author: James Zhao, Sr. Tech Specialist & Alex Park, Product Specialist

Keeping your kitchen clean doesn't have to feel like a never-ending battle against dirty dishes that sit around in the sink or on the counter for days.

In this blog, we'll explore how to keep your kitchen clean, including timely dishwashing and regular deep cleans. These 16 tips will transform your approach to kitchen maintenance by helping you minimize clutter and optimize your cleaning routine.

We'll also see how cutting-edge kitchen appliances =can streamline these tasks and make a clean kitchen more achievable than ever. Innovative kitchen products, such as in-sink dishwashers and powerful range hoods, offer cleaning solutions that blend seamlessly into your lifestyle while elevating your kitchen's cleanliness and functionality.

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1. Clean As You Cook or After Eating

Adopting the habit of cleaning as you cook or immediately after meals can dramatically reduce kitchen clutter and simplify your cleaning routine. If you wash dishes when you're done using them, you ensure that messes don't pile up and make the task of keeping your kitchen clean feel less daunting.

2. End The Night With a Clean Kitchen

Ending each night with a clean kitchen sets the tone for a productive and refreshing start to the following day. Create a clutter-free environment for your morning by establishing a nightly routine that includes washing dishes, wiping down surfaces, throwing garbage into the trash can, and ensuring everything is in its place.

This cleaning routine can significantly reduce the workload of bigger cleaning sessions, making kitchen maintenance less of a chore and more of a simple daily habit. Maintaining the cleanliness and organization of your kitchen instills a sense of calm and readiness for whatever culinary tasks the new day may bring.

3. Empty The Dishwasher Immediately

Promptly unloading your dishwasher keeps your kitchen looking organized and ensures that dishes are ready for use when needed. Keeping an empty dishwasher prevents the sink from becoming cluttered with dirty dishes and contributes to maintaining a cleaner and more efficient kitchen environment.

This practice helps in minimizing the time spent on kitchen cleanup, allowing for a more enjoyable cooking and dining experience.

4. Use an In-Sink Dishwasher

In-sink dishwashers offer a unique solution to space and efficiency challenges in smaller kitchens, seamlessly integrating dish cleaning within the kitchen workflow. This innovative appliance reduces clutter by combining two essential kitchen functions into one unit, making it an ideal choice for compact living spaces or for those looking to maximize their kitchen's utility.

The convenience of washing and storing dishes in the same location streamlines kitchen tasks, making cleanup quicker and more efficient. Fotile's 2-In-1 In-Sink Dishwasher exemplifies this innovation, providing space savings and enhanced functionality with its advanced cleaning technologies. Designed for the modern kitchen, it supports a lifestyle where efficiency and space utilization are paramount.

By installing a versatile kitchen appliance like an in-sink dishwasher, homeowners can enjoy the dual benefits of a high-efficiency dishwasher and a functional sink, all while maintaining the aesthetic and practicality of their kitchen space.

5. Keep the Sink Empty

Keeping your sink empty is key to a tidy kitchen. It prevents pile-ups and makes dishwashing feel less like a daunting task. With an organized approach, the kitchen remains a cleaner, more inviting space.

Maintaining an empty sink simplifies meal preparation and cleanup, creating a clutter-free environment. Introducing a versatile appliance like an in-sink dishwasher further streamlines this process by merging the efficiency of cleaning with the rhythm of cooking.

6. Clean Out Your Refrigerator Weekly

A weekly refrigerator clean-out is essential for maintaining freshness and hygiene. Removing old or unused items like spoiled milk prevents the buildup of unpleasant odors and keeps your fridge organized.

By decluttering your refrigerator regularly and wiping it down with a paper towel and some baking soda, you ensure that everything inside is fresh and safe to eat. This habit helps in minimizing waste by reminding you of what needs to be used up soon. Plus, a tidy fridge makes meal planning and grocery shopping more efficient, as you have a clear view of what you already have.

7. Ventilate Out Smells With Your Range Hood

A range hood is an essential appliance in any kitchen, especially for those who enjoy cooking at home. It works effectively to remove smoke, odors, and grease from the air, ensuring the kitchen environment remains clean and pleasant. This ventilation helps in maintaining good air quality, preventing the spread of cooking smells throughout the home. It is also beneficial to clean your range hood filters every one to three months, depending on how frequently you cook, to maximize their efficiency and lifespan.

Fotile offers a selection of range hoods that are designed to provide superior ventilation. Their range hood models are known for quiet operation and efficient extraction, making them a perfect addition to any kitchen setup. By choosing a Fotile range hood, homeowners can enjoy a fresher kitchen atmosphere, enhancing their cooking experience.

8. Empty The Trash Every Night

Emptying the trash every night is a big step in maintaining a fresh and odor-free kitchen environment. By consistently removing waste at the end of the day, you prevent the buildup of unpleasant smells and ensure that your kitchen remains a pleasant and inviting space.

This simple habit goes a long way in maintaining cleanliness, making it easier to manage waste disposal and preventing pests from becoming a problem. Plus, it creates a sense of order in your kitchen, allowing you to start each day with a clean slate.

9. Create a Family Chore Chart

Creating a family chore chart is a smart strategy to distribute cleaning responsibilities among household members, preventing the burden from falling solely on one person's shoulders. By designating specific tasks for each family member, you establish a sense of teamwork and accountability, ensuring that the kitchen remains consistently clean.

Whether it's washing dishes, wiping down surfaces, or taking out the trash, everyone can contribute to maintaining a tidy kitchen. This approach helps make the process of keeping the kitchen clean more manageable and collaborative for all.

10. Soak Pots and Pans If You’re Too Busy

When you find yourself too busy to tackle the dishes immediately, consider soaking your pots and pans with hot, soapy water. This simple yet effective technique can significantly ease the washing process later on. By allowing cookware to soak in soapy water, you soften stubborn food residues, making them easier to remove when you do have the time to wash up.

This saves you effort and ensures that your pots and pans remain in good condition. So, if you're pressed for time, a quick soak can be a valuable trick to keep your dirty kitchen clean and maintain the efficiency of your cooking utensils.

11. Wipe Counters Right After a Mess

Taking swift action by wiping your kitchen counters right after a mess occurs is a proactive way to prevent stains and maintain a sanitary workspace. Whether it's spills, crumbs, or food scraps, addressing the issue immediately ensures that it doesn't have a chance to set or attract pests.

Wiping your counters after a mess keeps your kitchen looking pristine and promotes food safety by eliminating potential sources of contamination.

12. Clean The Floors Daily

Cleaning the floor daily is a simple yet highly effective way to maintain the overall cleanliness of your kitchen. A quick sweep or mop not only keeps the space looking its best but also plays a crucial role in preventing pest infestations. By removing crumbs and food debris promptly, you eliminate potential attractions for unwanted pests.

Plus, cleaning your kitchen floors often saves you from the hassle of tackling built-up dirt and grime later on, making kitchen maintenance a breeze and keeping your kitchen in top-notch condition.

13. Only Start Cooking With a Clean Kitchen

Embarking on your culinary endeavors with a clean kitchen sets the stage for a more enjoyable and creative cooking experience. Before you start cooking, take a moment to ensure your kitchen is tidy and organized. Clear countertops, a clutter-free workspace, and neatly arranged utensils can ignite your culinary inspiration.

Moreover, a clean kitchen provides a hygienic area for meal preparation, reducing the risk of cross-contamination and promoting food safety.

14. Create a Checklist

Establishing a daily or weekly cleaning checklist can be a valuable tool to ensure that no cleaning task in your kitchen is overlooked. By systematically listing chores, like not forgetting to use the garbage disposal after having raw meat in the kitchen sink, you create a structured approach to kitchen maintenance. This checklist acts as a visual guide, reminding you of specific cleaning tasks that need attention, from wiping down appliances to disinfecting surfaces.

Creating a checklist promotes consistency in your cleaning routine, preventing any areas from being neglected. Additionally, checking off completed tasks provides a sense of accomplishment and motivates you to maintain a consistently clean and organized kitchen.

15. Clean Appliances Weekly

Regularly cleaning your kitchen appliances on a weekly basis is a vital maintenance practice that enhances their longevity and ensures their optimal efficiency. Cleaning your stove, oven, microwave, and other kitchen appliances regularly prevents the buildup of grease, food residues, and grime, which can affect their performance and hygiene.

16. Do a Deep Clean Monthly

Performing a deep cleaning session in your kitchen on a monthly basis is a valuable practice to address areas that might be overlooked during daily upkeep. While daily routines focus on immediate cleanliness, a monthly deep clean delves into hidden corners, appliances, and hard-to-reach spaces.

Doing a monthly deep cleaning session involves tasks such as cleaning behind appliances, deep cleaning the oven, and scrubbing grout lines. This ensures the removal of accumulated dirt and grime to promote a healthier cooking space, making your kitchen maintenance routine more effective.

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