FOTILE is excited to announce our participation at this year's KBIS event in Las Vegas. As the #1 choice in the kitchen appliance industry for over 30 million families across 30 countries, FOTILE is dedicated to providing the latest technology and top-of-the-line designs in its products. This year, we will be presenting numerous brand-new, exciting products for you at booth #W2001.

Our hearts and minds are with health-conscious home chefs. With FOTILE's innovative technologies, we keep families safe, protected and healthy in the kitchen so that they can enjoy cooking with peace of mind.

"An Exquisite Journey of Product Exploration, Stunning Design, and Limitless Innovation"

FOTILE brought to life a captivating array of kitchen scenarios at the KBIS Show event, mesmerizing over 41,000 attendees with displays ranging from cozy tiny house kitchens to sleek open-concept designs.

From the award-winning Water Purifier in Kitchen Wellness Trailblazer to the ingenious island range hood and state-of-the-art in-sink dishwashers, FOTILE showcased a rich tapestry of products and pioneering technologies to the global kitchen and bathroom community. This showcase underscored FOTILE's steadfast dedication to providing a safe and healthy kitchen environment for all, reflecting our enduring pursuit of happiness.

Hightlights From Our 2024 KBIS Show

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Best of KBIS Winner

Congratulations to FOTILE Water Purifier for winning the Best of KBIS - Wellness Trailblazer Silver Award!⁠ 

Also, our Moonshadow Range Hood and In-sink Dishwasher have earned recognition as Best of KBIS by renowned media outlets The Kitchn and Apartment Therapy. The journey towards a healthier kitchen never ends!


Variations of Sink Dishwasher

Offering unmatched convenience and efficiency. Our ergonomic top-load feature ensures comfort for all users. With eco-friendly 20-minute wash mode and Intelligent 360˚ Cleaning System, experience superior cleanliness. Versatile and seamlessly integrated, our solution fits various living spaces.

Available in various models: Sink, Dishwasher, Produce Cleaner 3 in 1

1_1 Tiny House.jpg__PID:eafc80bd-42b6-4ea1-9983-ba8cdeb35db4

1:1 Scale of Tiny House

A revolutionary and innovative approach to housing, emphasizing minimalist living and sustainability. By promoting efficient use of space and resources, it encourages a lifestyle centered on experiences and relationships rather than material possessions.

Discover new possibilities with FOTILE Tiny Kitchen suite appliances


Center Island Kitchen

Gather around the heart of the home, our kitchen island, where stories are shared, meals are crafted, and memories are made. It's more than just a cooking space; it's a hub of warmth and connection, where laughter flows freely and bonds are strengthened.


New Products 

Explore our booth for the latest in kitchen innovation! Discover our versatile 30" Moonshadow Tri-Ring Cooktop, powerful 30” Moonshadow Slant Vent Range Hood, customizable 36” Insert Range Hood, and convenient Single Unit Dishwasher. Elevate your kitchen with us!


Live Cooking & Food 

Join us for captivating cooking demonstrations where flavors come to life, culinary tips are shared, and delicious dishes are created before your eyes. Immerse yourself in the magic of our innovative kitchen solutions!


FOTILE @ KBIS (2019-2024)


Impact Award

In-Sink Dishwasher


Kitchen Silver

Insert Self-Adjusting Range Hood


Wellness Trailblazer Silver

M6A Water Purifier

Highlights From Our 2023 KBIS Show

As a Best of KBIS award winner,
"FOTILE reflected the latest in #wellness and #sustainability innovations, as well as what’s likely to show up in your next home update.”
-- Forbes

Crystal Best of KBIS Award
Crystal Best of KBIS Award
Standard Modern Earth tone Kitchen setup with FOTILE range hood, fridge, cooktop and dishwasher
Open Kitchen with island station and FOTILE 42in Island Hood
Warm Small space kitchen setup with FOTILE 24 kitchen appliance suite
FOTILE BD manager Jason giving a presentation on insert hood
Insert hood demonstration with strong ventilation

Best of KBIS Award Winner

The Insert Range Hood, which supports both flush and standard installations, automatically detects any smoke within the kitchen and adjusts the height of the range hood accordingly in real-time to ensure maximum extraction power. 

chef cooking under island range hood

Island Range Hood

Uniquely engineered to cover a larger cooking surface and prevent smoke from spreading throughout the home, the unit is 42 inches in width, features capture shields on both sides, and can open up to a 55-degree angle.

Rib Eye dishes

Live Cooking Events

At the island kitchen of the booth center, a former Michelin chef cooked 3 delicious dishes live for visitors: Thyme Eye of Round Roast, Champagne Butter Scallops, and Balsamic Braised Portobello Mushrooms, paired with signature cocktails, allowing visitors to directly experience the FOTILE Island range hood in action.

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FOTILE is a high-end manufacturer of kitchen appliances built for wellness.

As the choice of kitchen appliances for more than 17 million families from over 30 countries, FOTILE has been dedicated to improving family’s kitchens for more than 20 years and has been an Asia 500 company for 7 consecutive years, ranking first in the kitchen appliance industry. Innovation is the core foundation at FOTILE. Bearing the relentless spirit of always innovating and revolutionizing, as of August 2021, FOTILE has earned over 5500 patents with more than 1000 of them being for invention.

Our hearts and minds are with health-conscious home chefs. With FOTILE's innovative technologies, we keep families safe, protected and healthy in the kitchen so that they can enjoy cooking with peace of mind.

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