Three of my friends and one of my neighbors were using FOTILE #7501, all of them recommended it, so I finally pulled the trigger on this new product #7505, which has more power levels (4 vs 3), higher CFM (600 vs 510 according to other website, not sure the accuracy), and fancy waving feature. After using it for two weeks with light cooking, here is my impression.


1. Prompt customer services. Ordered on Nov 24, delivered on Dec 6 (should be earlier, not sure why UPS kept it at the facility near my house for two days), contacted customer services right after delivery, installed on Dec 7.

2. Professional and quick installation. The contractor got it done within an hour: removed the old over-the-range microwave, installed some panels on the wall, cut the cabinet to fit the vent pipe, carried and installed the 70+ lbs range hood by himself, replaced and taped a portion of the vent pipe.

3. Good suction power: The old over-the-range microwave (installed by previous home owner) was useless when cooking peppers, onions, chives, etc., and I had to close all the doors upstairs and opened the window wide, but it was still smelly hours after cooking. After installing this range hood, I particularly tried peppers with more corn oils, ingredients, and higher gas power. I could see the smoke and water vapor being sucked into the range, and no smell upstairs after cooking.