This is definitely best investment I've made in the kitchen. I really cannot bear my old one in the kitchen as it is quite noisy and powerless. This FOTILE JQG7522 SAVE and CHANGE my life totally.

It's very powerful! When I need to do some light cooking, I just set it to the lowest level. And when there is a need for heavy cooking, I will turn it up to the highest setting. As long as I turn it on, I barely smell anything even when I just stand in front of the stove. While with my old one... I guess people passing by my home can tell what I'm cooking.

It is super quiet. When turning it to the lowest or even the medium setting, I even cannot notice it's working in a different room with the door closed. And with my old one, the moment it starts working, it's hard to talk normally with people in a separate room...

It's also quite easy to book the assembling service with Fotile. Their specialist is pretty professional and get everything done neatly. In addition, the specialist has explained every single details about how to use, how to clean, and how to use the warranty after assembling. Save me a lot of time to learn from the instructions by myself.