# Liu#:

Choosing the right range hood wasn't easy for us. We cook, we fry, we stew. Our kitchen opens to all rooms. At first, we had a microwave combined with a vent. That doesn't come with much power but very noise. My home office shares a wall with the kitchen, when the fan is on, my entire office is shaking. With that kind of noise, the smell of cook still gets everywhere -- all rooms in the first and second floors. We hated it so much but don't know which new range hood we should purchase.

I was a little hesitated in buying Fotile. It's a big brand in China but not much market share in the States. My wife pulled the trigger. We got an installer recommended by Fotile to come in and install the range hood. Now using it for more than half a year, I would say it can't be any better.

With the bright LED light under the range hood on, we can see that all molecules are rushing to the hood. No smell would sneak out into our rooms. It's also very quiet. At the highest speed, I am not bothered at all in the office next to the kitchen. I think it would be pretty hard to find another range hood so good. If you are in a situation as we did, I would say just pull the trigger and buy it.