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2-IN-1 In-Sink Dishwasher

$799.97  $1099.97

Available at P.C. Richard & Son

FOTILE 2-IN-1 In-Sink Dishwasher is a convenient product combining a kitchen sink and a dishwasher

  • Ergonomic counter top mounted design eliminates having to bend down to load and unload dishes
  • FOTILE 2-IN-1 In-Sink dishwasher combines dish washing, sterilization, and drying in one simple process
  • Sterilization and bacteria elimination through 5 washing cycles with temperatures of 122˚ to 158˚
  • Pasteurizing convection drying process avoids secondary pollution from drying by hand
  • Uses less water per wash cycle than a traditional dishwasher, 3.17 gallons vs. 6 gallons
  • 120 Volts service
  • 304 Food grade seamless stainless steel dishwasher design prevents rust and any other dirt or soap build up

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Dishwasher designed for modern living in compact spaces

Ready for Performance

Introducing our 2-IN-1 in-sink dishwasher - the ultimate solution for effortless dishwashing, sterilization, and drying. Enjoy the convenience of a one-step process that saves time and effort.

Time Effcient

(45 min vs. 90 min)

Uses Less Electricity

(178 kWh/yr vs. 290 kWh/yr)

Uses Less Water

(3.17 gallons vs. 6 gallons) 

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Intelligent 360° Cleaning

Intelligent 360° Cleaning

Accurately calculates the water jet's spray and angles to create a water-fall-like blanket for thorough deep cleaning

5 Washing Cycles

5 Washing Cycles

Sterilization and bacteria elimination through 5 washing cycles with temperatures of 122˚ to 158˚

Heated Drying Cycle

Heated Drying Cycle

Avoids secondary pollution from drying by hand and ensures dry and odor free tableware

Easy to Clean

Easy to Clean 

Micro touch control and seamless stainless
steel design prevents rust and any other dirt or soap build-up

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Comfortable Workspace

This sink and dishwasher combo fits seamlessly into standard 36in kitchen sink cabinets, offering easy waist-level access

Product Specifications

Product Dimension / Weight

Product Dimensions (W x D x H)35 1/4" X 19 5/16" X 21 11/16"
Height of the Door When Fully Open 16 3/8"
Built-in Size (W x D x H)33 11/16" X 18 1/8" X ≥25"
Gross Weight67.9 lbs
Net Weight49.8 lbs

Style & Design

Operation ModeMicro-pressure Touchscreen
Digital Display ScreenYes
Automatic ReminderYes - When cleaning completed
Water Leakage ProtectionYes
Variable Dish RackYes
Material of CavityFood-grade Stainless Steel
Maximum Washable Dinnerware Diameter10 inches
Hidden Heating Plate Yes
Child LockYes
Accessories1 dishwasher basket (Note: Faucet and sink strainer are not included)


Washing ModeDelicate NormalIntensive
Highest Washing Temperature (˚F)122158158
Washing Time (min)204580
Water Consumption (gal/cycle)1.852.53.17
Number of Wash Cycles55


Current 13A
Water Pressure Range 20.3-145.04 psi
Energy Usage 178 kWh/year
Max. Noise Level57.8dB




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Warranty Document

Warranty Document


Energy Guide

Video Tutorials

Video Tutorials

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Lifestyle Kitchen

Perfect for home bars, office cafes, tiny houses, and RVs. Installation can now be done in places that were once impossible!

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