Under Cabinet Range Hood Vs. Wall Mount: What’s the Difference?

Last Updated: 9/5/2023

Author: James Zhao, Sr. Tech Specialist & Alex Park, Product Specialist

When you're redesigning or upgrading your kitchen, one of the critical appliances that might not get as much attention as it should is the range hood. The debate between under cabinet range hood vs. wall mount is one many homeowners face.

If you're looking to optimize your kitchen's airflow and aesthetic, then understanding the benefits and drawbacks of each type of range hood is essential. In this blog, we’ll help you make an informed decision by comparing the two based on multiple factors such as efficiency, design, cost, and more.

Read on to learn more or shop FOTILE’s collection of range hoods today.

What Is A Range Hood And What Does It Do?

A range hood, also known as a vent hood or extractor hood, serves an essential function in your kitchen. It is installed above the stove or cooktop and helps remove smoke, odors, heat, and airborne grease particles generated while cooking.

Range hoods not only keep your kitchen smelling fresh but also extend the longevity of your appliances and improve indoor air quality throughout your home.

What Are Under Cabinet Range Hoods?

Under cabinet range hoods are installed directly under the cabinets above your stove. These are some of the most commonly used types of range hoods and come in various styles and sizes. Like all kitchen appliances, some advantages and disadvantages come with each product.

Here are some for under-cabinet range hoods.

Under Cabinet Advantages

  • Space-Efficient: One of the most significant advantages of an under cabinet range hood is that it saves space. Since it fits under the cabinet, it doesn't require additional wall space.
  • Cost-Effective: Under cabinet options are generally less expensive than wall-mounted hoods. They are easier to install, which also cuts down on installation costs.
  • Ease of Installation: Given their compact design, under cabinet range hoods are often easier and quicker to install.

Under Cabinet Disadvantages

  • Limited Coverage: Under cabinet hoods usually have less coverage area over the cooktop, which can result in slightly less effective ventilation.
  • Design Constraints: Since they are designed to fit under a cabinet, you have less freedom with design customization.

What Are Wall-Mounted Range Hoods?

Wall-mounted range hoods are attached directly to the wall and often come with a chimney that helps vent the exhaust outside your home. These are typically seen in modern or contemporary kitchens.

Wall-Mounted Advantages

  • Greater Coverage: Wall-mounted range hoods tend to cover more over the stove, leading to more effective ventilation.
  • Design Flexibility: These range hoods offer more design options, allowing you to choose one that best compliments your kitchen's decor.
  • Powerful Performance: Wall-mounted range hoods often come with more powerful fans, making them efficient in removing smoke and odors.

Wall-Mounted Disadvantages

  • Space Requirements: Wall-mounted range hoods usually require more wall space and are thus less suitable for smaller kitchens.
  • Installation Complexity: Installing a wall-mounted range hood typically requires professional help, adding to the overall cost.

Differences Between Under-Cabinet And Wall-Mounted Range Hoods

When comparing an under-cabinet range hood to wall-mounted options, some critical distinctions can influence your buying decision. Let’s examine these differences across multiple factors, such as size, ventilation capabilities, aesthetic appearance, noise level, and price range.

Range Hood Size

  • Under Cabinet: Generally smaller in size, these hoods fit neatly under your existing kitchen cabinets, making them a good choice for smaller kitchens where space is a premium.
  • Wall Mounted: These are usually larger and can sometimes extend over the entire cooking area. You'll need a bigger wall area for installation, so they're more suitable for spacious kitchens.

Ventilation Capabilities

  • Under Cabinet: While effective for small to medium-sized stoves, they may not offer as much suction and airflow as wall-mounted hoods due to their limited coverage area.
  • Wall Mounted: Known for their robust ventilation capabilities, these range hoods cover a larger area and are equipped with powerful fans that better remove smoke, heat, and odors.

Aesthetic Appearance

  • Under Cabinet: These hoods are more subtle and blend in with the existing kitchen design. However, they don't serve as a design focal point.
  • Wall Mounted: Often designed as statement pieces, wall-mounted hoods can act as the centerpiece of your kitchen, offering more styles and finishes.

Noise Level

  • Under Cabinet: Generally quieter due to smaller fans, these are ideal if you're looking for a more peaceful cooking environment.
  • Wall Mounted: Larger fans mean they can be a bit noisier, but they also offer better ventilation.

Price Range

  • Under Cabinet: Typically more budget-friendly, both in terms of the unit cost and installation charges.
  • Wall Mounted: These tend to be more expensive due to the unit's cost, additional wall modifications, and professional installation requirements.

How Our Range Hoods Stand Out

When it comes to the battle between an under-cabinet range hood vs. a wall-mounted range hood, FOTILE offers stellar options for both. Our collection of range hoods offers effective ventilation and elevated kitchen designs.

Let's take a closer look at two of our standout products: the 30" Under-Cabinet Range Hood 800CFM and the 36'' Wall-Mount Range Hood 1000CFM.

30" Under-Cabinet Range Hood 800CFM

If you’re searching for an under-cabinet range hood that eliminates odor at a 99% rate and separates grease at a 94% rate, all while being the perfect, ultra-slim size to fit under your kitchen cabinets, then the FOTILE Pixie Air UQS3001 is the model you’re looking for.

This sleek under-cabinet recirculating range hood features an intelligent air management system that automatically detects and removes harmful gasses and is controlled by push button controls.

Plus, FOTILE’s WhisPower Technology allows the range hood to deliver a more powerful CFM performance due to our Capture-Shield Technology that creates a Venturi effect. This model also features an optional Recirculation Kit so ducted range hoods can be converted to a ductless range hoods for more flexibility.

36'' Wall-Mount Range Hood 1000CFM

While some kitchens may only fit an under cabinet range hood, others have more space for wall mount range hoods that cover 7.2ft ² of cooking area (5-6 stove burners).

FOTILE’s Model EMS9026 wall-mounted range hood comes in black tempered glass and stainless steel options, has a touchscreen operating system, and owns a 92.5% grease separation rate and a 97% odor elimination rate.

There are 3-speed settings with the EMS9026, including Auto Turbo Mode, and the range hood uses FOTILE’s WhisPower Technology to capture a higher CFM. Additionally, the Manually-Adjustable Captur-Shield Technology can lower this range hood's plate to capture cooking fumes, so there’s no chance smoke can escape into your kitchen.

Range Hood FAQs

There are many complexities about range hoods, so here are a handful of frequently asked questions to help you decide which range hood suits your kitchen best.

Find The Best Under Cabinet Or Wall Mount Range Hood With FOTILE’s Help

Selecting the perfect range hood doesn't have to be a daunting task. Whether you're leaning towards an under cabinet range hood or considering a wall-mounted option, each has its own set of advantages and drawbacks that cater to different needs and preferences.

FOTILE specializes in offering a broad range of must have kitchen appliances, including both under-cabinet and wall-mounted range hoods. Our team is always ready to assist you in making an informed decision that aligns with your requirements and budget.

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