JQG7507-Y + GLG30401-Y

JQG7507-Y + GLG30401-Y - FOTILE

JQG7507-Y + GLG30401-Y


JQG7507-Y + GLG30401-Y


Save up to $350 

on MOONSHADOW Collection

$150 OFF MOONSHADOW Range Hood JQG7507-Y
$150 OFF MOONSHADOW Cooktop GLG30401-Y
Extra $50 OFF Bundle

       VAILD 5.16 - 5.31.24      

Bundle Key Features & Benefits

sync connect with cooktops.png__PID:2dbc2ef7-bd2d-4622-8d73-f52bf57b6b2c

Sync Connect With Cooktops

Seamlessly sync your range hood with your cooktop.

As soon as the cooktop is active, the range hood powers onto the 3rd fan power level with LED lights.

antiglare glass.png__PID:0eeaf56e-8899-4fbb-8661-370d1dee37cf

MOONSHADOW Grey™ Designer Color with Frosted Matte Anti-Glare Glass Finish

Introducing Moonshadow Grey – a low-profile, high-end color that redefines the technological aesthetic of your kitchen. The Frosted Matte Anti-glare glass not only resists fingerprints but also reduces water stains, simplifying maintenance. A color and material combination that distinctively sets the MoonShadow Collections apart from other appliances.

Stronger Yet Quiet

This range hood is part of FOTILE's latest Slant Vent family, offering 100 CFM more power than JQG7505. It utilizes Dual DC Motors for increased extraction rate and maintains low noise levels at 38dB.

Motion Activation

Wave your hand to power on or off, activating the range hood without physical contact. Default 5-minute delay shut-off, with the option for immediate shutdown

Motion Activation.png__PID:edab2dbc-2ef7-4d2d-b622-0d73f52bf57b

Infared connectivity

Using infrared connectivity you can simply operate this kitchen range hood with a wave of your hand. This allows you to turn the unit ON or OFF without touching the unit.


Rapid High Heat Tri-Ring Burner

Ensures efficient cooking with rapid heat adjustment, suitable for various cooking techniques. Even Heat Distribution: Its unique design ensures heat is distributed more evenly than two-ring burners, providing consistent cooking results.

Sync Connect with Cooktops

The range hood’s automatic activation powers on at the third fan level with LED lights, syncing with your cooktop’s switch knob. Effortlessly control the range hood’s operation using any cooktop knob. The Moonshadow Slant Vent Range Hood’s simple setup addresses the common issue of forgetting to turn on the range hood.

sync connect with cooktops.png__PID:2dbc2ef7-bd2d-4622-8d73-f52bf57b6b2c

 MOONSHADOW Slant Vent Additional Features

capture shield.png__PID:b11de188-e6ec-47fc-b31d-9dd35183b69d

5 min Delay Shut-Off Without Touch

With the Delay Shut-off Function to lower power, the range hood continues operating for 5 minutes after cooking to remove residual smoke and odor.

extra coverage.png__PID:f1b11de1-88e6-4cb7-bc73-1d9dd35183b6

Side-to-Side Extraction Coverage Up to 6 sq.ft

The extra-wide fume inlet ensures even suction pressure from all angles, covering up to 6 sq.ft.

screen lock.png__PID:88e6ecb7-fc73-4d9d-9351-83b69dabf89e

Screen Lock for Easy Clean

Lock the screen to prevent accidental activation while cleaning.

led lights.png__PID:1de188e6-ecb7-4c73-9d9d-d35183b69dab

Two Bright lumen LED Lights

Brightly illuminates the entire cooking area, aiding in monitoring the cooking process.

MOONSHADOW Tri-Ring Burner Additional Features

Diamond Burner Layout.png__PID:e9c02493-2581-4705-a321-9bc463e0c1a5

Ergonomic Burner Layout Maximizes Efficiency

Efficient Layout: The diamond burner layout optimizes cooking space usage, enhancing efficiency.

Tea kettle.png__PID:13e9c024-9325-41b7-85e3-219bc463e0c1

Tea Kettle & Wok Support

Free Auxiliary Holders: Conveniently accommodates woks and small tea kettles, eliminating concerns about stability.

Heavy-Duty Continuous Grates.png__PID:2938ff9a-7e82-4e0d-acbc-0e0f688c62a4

Heavy-Duty Continuous Grates

Maximizes Cooking Area: Continuous edge-to-edge grates extend the cooking area, accommodating various pot and pan sizes.

Flame Failure Detection.png__PID:88080f13-e9c0-4493-a581-b705e3219bc4

Flame Failure Detection

Safety Priority: The Flame Failure Device cuts off gas supply within 20 seconds if the burner fails to ignite or the flame extinguishes, ensuring safety in your kitchen.


Save up to $300 

on MOONSHADOW Collection

$50 OFF Bundle
$150 Installation vocher for range hood - JQG7507-Y
$100 Installation Vocher for cooktop - GLG30401-Y

       VAILD THROUGH 2.25.24      

Product Specifications

CertificationETL, CEC, FCC
Product Dimensions (W x D x H)29 7/8" x 18 7/16" x 17 7/16"
Power Supply(V/Hz)120V / 60Hz
Max Static Pressure(Pa)540 Pa
Speed Setting4

*FOTILE Equivalent CFM is a higher CFM rating due to our filter-less technology that combines WhisPower Motors and Capture-Shield design. By utilizing this technology, FOTILE applies the Coanda Affect by accelerating smoke extraction and grease separation, and increasing our Capture Efficiency. This enables Fotile to cover a larger cooktop surface (6-7.2 Sq Ft) and achieve a 95% oil filtration rate, and 98% odor elimination rate, leaving your kitchen smoke free and smelling fresh.

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FOTILE is offering (from the date of purchase) five years limited warranty on Gas Cooktop products. ONE (1) YEARS FULL WARRANTY ON ALL FOTILE GAS COOKTOP LABOR AND PARTS, AND FOUR(4) YEARS LIMITED WARRANTY ON ALL PARTS OF FOTILE GAS COOKTOP PRODUCTS*


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