Happy kitchen is the center of home

Though no one can provide a single shared definition of happiness, most homes do share a similar “feeling of happiness” ——there is warmth, familiar tastes and smells, companionship, sharing, the flow of emotions.
The kitchen, most importantly, is the source of family happiness.
For 23 years, FOTILE has put the “For the happiness of hundreds of millions of families” first and foremost in its efforts.
We strive to find a better solution to the problem of cooking grease and fumes, thus opening up the kitchen and letting it return from the farthest corner of the home to its rightful place at the center of the family.
Time in the kitchen is no longer a lonely chore. It is now filled with the joy of seeing each other, working side-by-side and moments of togetherness.
Our continuous improvements in technology and quality allow more people to experience the joy of cooking and savor life’s real beauty.
From nutrition to flavor, unfailingly provide the meticulous care your family deserves.
Fill you children’s memories of growing up with familiar flavors, the warmth of companionship and peace of mind.
Make the kitchen cleaner, keep your family closer, and protect your and your family's health. Enjoy your happy kitchen and leave the rest to us.
From 1996 to 2019, from China to the world, in more than 20 countries and for more than 17 million families,
FOTILE makes "happiness" its mission and is determined to creat happiness starting in the kitchen for people all over the world.